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Vues d'exposition de l'espace permanent La Muette, à Pully.

La Muette–espaces littéraires offers three spaces in which to encounter Ramuz and the world of literature

Join us…


… on site

Find out all about one of the greatest Swiss authors of the 20th century as you visit the place where he wrote and the world behind his writing. In an intimate atmosphere, an audio tour takes you into Ramuz’s life and works. In an immersive, sensory sequence laid out over some hundred square meters, you are guided by the insights of experts and visions of contemporary artists.

Image d’un groupe de 17 objets. Il s’agit de plumes, porte-mine et autre accessoire d’écriture de Ramuz.


… online

Explore the wealth of archives relating to the writer in “Ramuz in 100 images.” The images in this online panorama were chosen for their originality and complementarity. Whether documents, manuscripts, objects, photographs or paintings, each one reveals an aspect of Ramuz’s life or work. The content is constantly evolving and will be enriched as the months go by.

Affiche d’Histoire du soldat, 1918


… at our monthly events

La Muette–espaces littéraires is also a program that focuses on literary life today. Events, readings, performances and discussions are held once every month from September to June. Find out more online.

Photo credits:

© La Muette – espaces littéraires. Photographer : Mathieu Bernard-Reymond
Kurt Businger, C. F. Ramuz in front of La Muette, 1941 (detail). Collection C. F. Ramuz, BCUL. DR, reproduction : BCUL
C. F. Ramuz’s writing tools, 2023 © Musées de Pully (MBR)
Histoire du soldat poster, 1918, location unknown, believed to be part of the C. F. Ramuz collection, La Muette, Reproduction: Claude Bornand F. Ramuz, La Muette, Reproduction: Claude Bornand